Catering Inventory

This list may help you with any catering you propose:-

CookingAlbion has a Calor Gas 4 burner hob plus oven and grill. Whilst we can tell you that a group of Scouts have cooked a roast chicken, it is perhaps best used to cook on the hob and re-heat in the oven.
Pots and PansAs well as two kettles, Albion has a range of pans (including frying pans) suitable for a charter party of 12 plus crew of 3.
WaterContained in two tanks (not recommended for drinking unboiled).
UtensilsAll the usual utensils are on board.
CrockeryMugs, dinner plates, bowls and side plates.
CutleryKnives, forks, dessert spoons and teaspoons.
GlassBroken glass can be a problem to clean up so we provide plastic wine glasses and tumblers which are re-useable but which get replaced regularly.
CleaningDishcloths and washing up liquid are provided. Charter parties are required to tidy up and take home all rubbish at the end of the trip as we have no disposal facilities.
Tea and CoffeeWe supply basic tea, coffee and sugar. On day cruises, the skipper will supply semi-skimmed milk. On a private charter, the charter party will need to supply milk.
Cool BoxAlbion does not have a fridge. Most people bring their own cool box if they feel they need one for milk etc..
Tea TowelsWe provide a charter party with a complimentary NWT tea towel.

N.B. On a full day charter, we would be grateful if you could include our volunteer crew in your catering arrangements.

This page was last reviewed on 23rd October 2022.