Safety On Board Albion


Thank you for chartering Albion or joining us for a day cruise. We hope that you have an enjoyable and, above all, safe day.

Albion was not designed as a passenger carrying boat. Although we have made changes below deck for your comfort and convenience, externally Albion is still a cargo boat. Moving about on deck (generally you should keep off the hatch covers) requires thought and care.

Before you set sail your crew will give you and all those sailing a safety briefing. We would ask that all give full attention to this.

Whilst all aspects of the safety briefing are important we are taking this opportunity to draw your attention particularly to the following aspects

Life Jackets

We supply life jackets and it is required that our life jackets are worn at all times whilst on deck or in the tender.

(The Skipper has flexibility in the application of this rule when Albion is moored.)

We have available several types of life jacket for adults and children – we do not provide life jackets for infants. Wearing a lifejacket is only effective if it is properly worn and of the correct size. Your crew will assist in the correct fitting of life jackets.

First Aid

Albion carries a basic First Aid Kit and a defibrillator and our crews have basic First Aid Certification.

Medical Conditions

If any of the party has a medical condition or disability that may be affected by being aboard for the duration of your charter (our normal cruising times are 9am until 5 pm but weather conditions could cause delays) the skipper should be informed prior to departure.

It would help if you made all your party aware of these aspects of safety prior to the day of your cruise.

With your help, keeping Albion safe will ensure that we have many more years of cruising in this unique boat.

This page was last reviewed on 5th September 2022.