Terms and Conditions


The “Trust” means The Norfolk Wherry Trust. 

The “Lead Passenger” means the person or entity who booked the trip. This could be the Charterer for a private charter, the group leader for a group booked on a day cruise or an individual travelling alone. The “Lead Passenger” must be aged 18 years or over.

The Bookings Secretary (or authorised deputy) is the Trust Officer responsible for all aspects of administration of day cruises and charters. 

Non-standard arrangements (e.g. overnight stays) will be set up on an individual basis by the Bookings Secretary as a variation to these standard Terms & Conditions.


All communication will be through the online booking website (https://sail.wherryalbion.com) with emails from/to the Bookings Secretary being a secondary mechanism. Telephone calls will only be made in situations such as short notice cancellation and alteration due to for example adverse weather or river conditions. Additionally, once a charter or day cruise place has been paid for, Skippers may communicate by telephone and/or email with the Lead Day Cruise Passenger(s) or Charterer to initate contact to enable the day cruise or charter to be conducted in a mutually acceptable manner. 

The Trust is operated entirely by volunteers. We aim to respond within 3 working days to all communications and requests but this is not guaranteed. 

Acceptance Of Terms And Conditions

By paying the full remittance, it will be assumed that you agree with the Trust’s Terms and Conditions. It is not necessary to return a signed copy of any contract.

Times(s) Of Hire

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, day trips will begin at 9:00am and finish no later than 5:00pm. Half day trips will begin at either 9:00am or 2:00pm for morning or afternoon trips respectively. The Skipper reserves the right to depart at the agreed time if passengers are late in which case there will be no refunds of monies paid.

Passenger Numbers

The MAXIMUM number of persons on a private charter must not exceed 12, including children of any age. The maximum number of  day cruise passengers of all ages must not exceed those tickets booked. The Trust is required to record the names of everyone on board prior to departure.


Albion was not designed as a passenger carrying boat. Although the Trust has made changes below deck for your comfort and convenience, externally Albion is still a cargo boat. Moving about on deck (keeping off the hatch covers) requires thought and care.

Before the trip commences the crew will give a full safety briefing to all. The Lead Passenger must ensure their party pay full attention.

Life Jackets

The Trust supply life jackets and it is required that our life jackets are worn at all times whilst on deck or in the tender.

The Trust has available several types of life jacket for adults and children –  but do not provide life jackets for infants. Wearing a lifejacket is only effective if it is properly worn and of the correct size. The crew will assist in the correct fitting of life jackets.

Medical Conditions And Disabilities

The Lead Passenger  is responsible for ensuring any medical conditions or allergies that the Crew need to be aware of, particularly if bringing medicine in case of an event on the day, are notified to the Skipper before departure.

The Crew are not permitted to administer or be responsible for any form of medication or treatment during the charter (the one exception being emergency First Aid). Albion carries a basic First Aid Kit and a defibrillator and our crews have basic First Aid Certification.

If any of the party has a medical condition or disability that may be affected by being aboard for the duration of your charter the Skipper should be informed prior to departure.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

This is set out here.

Privacy Policy

This is set out here.

Skipper’s Decision

In all matters onboard, the Skipper’s decision is final. Extreme weather conditions or other events could result in cancellation on the day. No responsibility can be accepted for any loss occasioned through delay, accident or weather conditions. 

Skipper’s Essential Role

Albion is chartered with a Skipper and Crew. Under no circumstances will the passengers be permitted to navigate Albion without the Skipper. The name of the rostered Skipper is shown where known on the booking form but the actual individual assigned on the day may be be different for operational reasons.

NWT Member Discount

NWT Members are entitled to a discount on sailing experiences (except Short Sailing Trips and the purchase and redemption of Gift Vouchers) subject to certain conditions. The discount is applied by use of a coupon code when making an online booking. Only one coupon code can be applied per booking. A coupon cannot be applied retrospectively. Some coupons are dependent on the length of NWT Membership.

Coupons are based on the “honesty box” principle – it is expected that only fully paid up members make use of a coupon.

Audit checks will be made periodically and the Lead Passenger will be contacted for clarification and possible remedial action in any case of doubt. The Trust reserves the right to remove the entitlement to any or all discounts for any person considered to be in breach of the “honesty box” principle – the decision of the Bookings Secretary will be final and binding. Failure to make up the sum paid to the full due amount within seven days of notification may result in the booking being cancelled – see the “Cancellation by Norfolk Wherry Trust” clause in the Refund and Cancellation Policy.

There is no restriction on the number of times a member discount can be applied in a sailing season. However, given the objectives of the Trust, members are asked to consider the aggregated total of member discounts in the context of their annual subscription amount.

Coupon codes are published in the NWT Journal and should not be made known to non-members.


The Lead Passenger is responsible for their arrangements for their group.  The Crew will endeavour to provide basic teabags, instant coffee, sugar and non-potable water. Additionally they will endeavour to supply semi-skimmed milk for day cruises ONLY.  For private charters, the Crew will not supply milk but would be grateful if the Lead Passenger could include our volunteer crew in your catering arrangements. Further information is here.

Departure Points

Most Day Charters and Day Cruises depart from and return to our Ludham Base but other departure and return points are occasionally used. A map and address with postcode can be seen by following the relevant link:


  • The Lead Passenger is responsible for ensuring all members of the charter party or day cruise group are appropriately briefed, equipped and prepared beforehand using the guidance information provided on this website.
  • There is a toilet on board Albion but please avail yourself of onshore facilities where possible.
  • All passengers should wear non-slip shoes and bring suitable all-weather clothing. It is best to dress in layers that can be removed or put on as required, as the weather can be changeable.

Standards Of Behaviour

NWT has policies in place which all NWT Volunteers are expected to follow (see main website). In return, passengers are expected to behave in an appropriate manner.

Hazardous Items

Items of a hazardous nature are not permitted on board Albion in particular (but not limited to) Chinese lanterns, gas canisters/ cylinders, fireworks.

Smoking (including vaping) is not permitted onboard Albion or at the Ludham Base.

Drones – please refer to the relevant FAQ.


Pets or emotional support animals are not allowed on board.

Reasonable Adaptations and Assistance Animals

The Lead Passenger must inform the Trust if they are seeking any reasonable adjustments or assistance animals for a passenger. Albion is a traditional cargo boat and the safety of that passenger, other passengers and crew must be considered in advance.


The Lead Passenger will be held responsible for damage caused by any member of his/her party to the vessel or its equipment to a maximum of £250.

This page was last reviewed on 31st October 2023.